12 great macro photography examples to inspire you

Get creative with your macro lens to make larger than life works of art!

Macro photography is an incredibly popular area of photography, but one that can be quite difficult. Good macro photographs offer a life size view of our world that can show the finest details in almost anything; whether it is a creative abstract photo or a stunning photograph of wildlife or plants and flowers.

Here are 12 macro photography examples that will inspire you to go out and take your own.

Wildlife and insects

The ability to capture life-size photos of insects and wildlife means that we can see these creatures in fantastic detail.

12 great macro photography examples - butterfly

Portrait of an orange butterfly by Tambako The Jaguar

Butterflies make great macro photography subjects, especially when making the most of shallow depth of field.


12 great macro photography examples - Speckled bush cricket

Speckled bush cricket by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel.

With an isolated background and a shallow depth of field you could easily imagine that this speckled bush cricket is 10 feet tall!


Bee collecting pollen

Bee collecting pollen by lightcubex.

Insects going about their daily duties can make great subjects; such as this bee collecting pollen.


The common house fly

A common house fly by Johannes Viloria

As most photographers master their macro photography the common housefly can often be a subject. The detail in their eyes is amazing.


Celithemis eponina - Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

Halloween Pennant Dragonfly by Roy Niswanger.

Dragonflies make fantastic macro photography subjects, especially with the fine details to see on all of their bodies.


Some food items can look amazing up close, especially fruit. Their textures and fine details can look amazing in a macro photo.

12 great macro photography examples to inspire you

Sparkling kiwi fruit by Bill Gracey.


kiwi fruit macro

Kiwi fruit by Hannes Mauerer.


Flowers & plants

patterns in plants

Forms in nature by zoomyboy.com

Plants offer a wide range or patterns and geometric shapes to capture.


macro photography - patterns in plants

More patterns in plants by Gabriel González.


Yellow Day Lilly macro photo

Yellow day lilly by Mike and Annabel Beales.

Flowers make great macro photography subjects. Their diverse collection of colours and shapes make wonderful abstract patterns.


yellow flower macro photo

Just a little yellow flower by aotaro.


Common Lily Pad Bloom

Common lily pad bloom by Roy Niswanger.


The great thing about macro photography is that is is possible to shoot across the camera price bands, with the ability to take close up photos across many phones and cameras by default. For SLR photographers you can use cheap filters or buy the latest and greatest macro lenses.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take your own amazing macro photographs!